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box_typeFollowing the Volga 

Interview from Guardian Newspaper. Published 5th September 2015. Read More…

Volgograd is a mesmerising city. The Soviet iconography is still very evident and the statue of Mother Russia, a memorial to the Battle of Stalingrad, is mindblowing. At 80 metres high it’s intimidating but it means a lot to the Russian people – you’ll see them having picnics around it.



box_typeThe Way A River Went Interview

Interview from Jennifer Barclay  Books. Published 3rd September 2015. Read More…

I like to find stories about the people of Russia that are essentially fun and uplifting (they do exist), away from the politics (as much as that is possible). This is a side of the country I see when I travel there.



box_typeWhy a media bashing hasn’t stopped Russia  being the Olympics’ biggest winner.

Article. Published in The Sabotage Times, 25th February 2014 Read more…….

Much of the media attention around the Sochi games focused on Russia’s political shortcomings, but are we really in any position to be pointing fingers?



box_typeEstonia in London: Verru Restaurant

Review. Published in Blog London 14th Feb 2012. Read More…

My first introduction to Estonia was working in a timber yard in Parnu. Since then I have watched this alluring Baltic country blossom into a tourist favourite, emerging with purpose from beneath the Soviet shadows.




box_typeDostoevsky’s dreamlike city. 

Article. Published in The Telegraph, 6th December 2011. Read More…

Crossing over the narrow Razyezzhaya Street I would soon emerge into the seedy area around Vladimirskaya metro, where a bronze statue of the man himself sat in deep contemplation. Sculpted by local artist Lyubov Kholina, it is a powerful depiction of Dostoevsky with penetrating eyes and a scowling forehead, the author still keeping a watchful eye on the society he wrote about.



box_type8 top tips for working in Russia

Published Wanderlust Magazine, 13 Sept, 2011. Read more…

Working in Russia can often be a contradiction in terms. Naturally each situation is going to be unique, however on the whole be prepared to leave all dynamism at home and adopt a more laissez faire (cynical) approach to productivity. A well practised ‘tut’ ‘groan’ and ‘hurumph’ are useful tools. Its worth keeping at the back of your mind the old soviet proverb ‘initiative will be punished.



box_typeThe World According to Thom Wheeler

Interview. Published Wanderlust Magazine, 2011. Read more 


Is there a person you met while travelling who reaffirmed your faith in humanity? Anyone who made you lose it? There have been too many to list… On both counts. Although the Georgian pizza-restaurant-owning Orthodox priest I met in Tblisi, does stand out.