More Volga Times

The following pics are of the early stretch of the Volga between the source and the historic town of Staritsa….. it really does feel like time stopped a few centuries ago and didn’t start again. Its the most contained and probably the most welcoming  part of the whole river.

Bruce Chatwin, in his book ‘What am I doing here’ writes, ‘The Volga is the nomadic frontier of Modern Europe, just as the Rhine and Danube was the barbarian frontier of the Roman Empire. Once Ivan crossed the Volga, he set Russia on her course of eastward expansion, which would roll on and on, until the Czar’s colonists met the Americans at Russian river in northern Califonia.’


Towards Staritsa

Volga beyond Staritsa

The Volga at Staritsa

Volga near StaritsaThe Volga at Staritsa

The river neaar Staritsa

The Volga close to Staritsa

The early VolgaThe Monastery of the Assumption, Staritsa

Monastery of the Assumption, StaritsaA Staritsan House

A Staritsan HomeThe Volga with sun

Volga at Staritsa