Barry and Me

IMG_0558For the past few months I’ve been more than a little distracted. A number of reasons could be sighted (a new book published next month being one) however the main source of my diversion is simple: I’ve fallen in love! And thus have been experiencing the open mouthed, soft in the head, judgement impairing symptoms which the above condition involves. For years now I’ve been searching for the kind of love that brings true happiness, and after far too many to mention failed attempts, all the elements of the cosmos eventually conspired to bring me together with …….Barry.


Now for the uninitiated (and anybody else that reads this…) Barry is no less than a work of art. Born in October 1971 he displays all the finest characteristics of a van of his vintage, he also (not surprisingly) shares an uncanny resemblance to his predecessor Max (also born in October 1971) – who I made the journey across Russia with in the nineties, from which sadly Max never returned.

Since parting company with Max, I have been aware of something missing in my life. I’ve had a series of flirtations and some more serious relationships, the best of which were with a 1973 Baywindow which got me to Morocco and back, and more recently with  T25 that had done time shipping journalists around in Bosnia and still managed a handful of holidays in France, but all my attempts to find love had been flawed from the start, I had been looking for something to replace Max, but of cause nothing came close………..until I met Barry that is, in my opinion the best looking VDub on the planet. Roll on the open road! I’d forgotten how good being is love was………..